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CapTri - MCT Oil
Ingredients: Pure C8 Medium Chain Triglycerides

SUGGESTED USAGE: One tablespoon with each meal; up to six tablespoons per day. Consult the Parrillo CapTriŽ Manual for more detailed usage guidelines.

Imagine the perfect supplement for bodybuilders and endurance athletes. It would be calorically dense, readily available for energy, yet be burned for energy rather than stored as fat, even in the presence of carbohydrates (1,2,3). Maybe someday, you say? It's here today. It's Parrillo Performance CapTriŽ, a medium chain triglyceride oil that you add to your food to improve energy or support growth. It's like race car fuel for your muscles.

CapTriŽ is an excellent source of calories that can be used for muscle growth, fat loss or extra energy for situations that demand an added boost. Used in conjunction with a proper diet, it provides your body with extra calories which promotes growth without adding bulk to your meals. And CapTriŽ gives you a more favorable insulin/glucagon ratio (the hormones that determine whether what you eat is burned for energy or stored as fat). CapTriŽ allows you to avoid eating excess carbs, which can convert to body fat (4,5), while still getting all the energy benefits for tough training. And CapTriŽ is perfect for times when you need extra energy, such as endurance activities.

At 8.3 calories per gram, CapTriŽ has twice the calories of either protein or carbohydrates. Yet, due to having a shorter molecular chain than conventional fats, it has very little tendency to stored as body fat (6). And unlike conventional fats, CapTriŽ isn't circulated through the body but rather processed directly in the liver. There it is rapidly burned to produce energy (7) energy that will have you blasting away with twice the intensity of your competition.

Parrillo CapTriŽ meets rigid purity specifications and is only available from Parrillo Performance. And it is the only MCT oil top athletes trust to deliver results.

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