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Welcome to the online store. Below is a list of products that we have to offer. If you want to narrow down the list of products, select one of our product categories. For more details about a product, click on the product name. This will take you to the product details page. At any time if you want to add one or multiple items to your cart, fill in the quantity next to the product(s) you want and then click any of the add to cart buttons.

Due to circumstances beyond our control Parrillo Performance can not ship international or APO/FPO orders. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
Product Categories
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Bars are made on equipment that processes peanuts and nuts.
Powders are made on equipment that processes wheat gluten.
For a description of the products, click the product name.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates
$5 Gift Certificate$5.00
$10 Gift Certificate$10.00
$25 Gift Certificate$25.00
$50 Gift Certificate$50.00
$75 Gift Certificate$75.00
$100 Gift Certificate$100.00
Gift Certificate for Parrillo Training Camp$599.00
Gift Certificate for Parrillo Certification Plus Program$399.00


CapTri - MCT Oil$40.00
Captri w/ Travel Size Bottle$40.00
Butter Flavor CapTri$40.00
Butter Flavor CapTri w/ Travel Size Bottle$40.00

Protein Frosting Mix – Vanilla Flavor$36.95
Protein Frosting Mix – Chocolate Flavor$36.95
Protein Frosting Mix – Peanut Butter Flavor$36.95
Protein Frosting Mix - Cream Cheese Flavor$36.95

High Protein High Fiber Soft Chew Bars
High Protein High Fiber Soft Chew Bar - Chocolate$36.00
High Protein High Fiber Soft Chew Bar - Pecan Praline$36.00
High Protein High Fiber Soft Chew Bar - Toffee$36.00
High Protein High Fiber Soft Chew Bar - Peanut Butter$36.00

Parrillo Bar Boxes
Parrillo Bars - Peanut Butter$28.00
Parrillo Bars - Layered PB/Choc$28.00
Parrillo Bars - Cappuccino$28.00

Parrillo Energy Bar Boxes
Energy Bars - French Vanilla$28.00
Energy Bars - Sweet Milk Chocolate$28.00
Energy Bars - Graham Cracker$28.00
Energy Bars - Peanut Butter Supreme$28.00
Energy Bars - Chocolate Almond Coconut$28.00
Energy Bars - Cherry Cordial$28.00
Energy Bars - French Toast$28.00

Parrillo Protein Bar Boxes
Protein Bars - Vanilla Crème$32.00
Protein Bars - Fudge Brownie$32.00
Protein Bars - Peanut Butter Delight$32.00
Protein Bars - Strawberry Shortcake$32.00
Protein Bars - Banana$32.00
Protein Bars - Layered PB/Banana$32.00
Protein Bars - Cinnamon Roll$32.00

Parrillo Protein Chew Bar Boxes
Protein Chew Bars - Vanilla$32.00
Protein Chew Bars - Chocolate$32.00
Protein Chew Bars - English Toffee$32.00
Protein Chew Bars - Chocolate Graham Cracker$32.00
Protein Chew Bars - Peanut Butter$32.00
Protein Chew Bars - Hazelnut Expresso$32.00
Protein Chew Bar - Chocolate Toffee$32.00

Parrillo Sampler Bar Special
Bar Sampler Pack
(limited offer of 1 per household)

50/50 - Vanilla$38.00
50/50 - Chocolate$38.00
50/50 - Milk$38.00
50/50 - Orange Cream$38.00
Creatine Monohydrate$29.00
Hi Protein - Powder Pouches - Chocolate$48.95
Hi Protein - Powder Pouches - Vanilla$48.95
Hi-Protein - Vanilla$42.95
Hi-Protein - Chocolate$42.95
Hi-Protein - Peach$42.95
Hi-Protein - Banana$42.95
Hi-Protein - Strawberry$42.95
All-Protein - Milk$47.95
Optimized Whey Protein - Powder Pouches - Chocolate Malt$53.95
Optimized Whey Protein - Powder Pouches - Vanilla Malt$53.95
Optimized Whey Protein - Vanilla Malt$47.95
Optimized Whey Protein - Chocolate Malt$47.95
Optimized Whey Protein - Strawberry Malt$47.95
Pro-Carb - Vanilla $25.00
Pro-Carb - Chocolate $25.00
Pro-Carb Strawberry$25.00
Pudding - Vanilla$28.95
Pudding - Chocolate$28.95
Pudding - Banana$28.95
Pudding - Butterscotch$28.95
Parrillo Performance Shaker Cup$7.95
Pancake and Muffin Mix – Banana Flavor$21.95
Pancake and Muffin Mix – Maple Flavor$21.95
Hi-Protein Cake Mix - Chocolate$21.95
Hi-Protein Cake Mix - Vanilla$21.95
Hi-Protein Cake Mix - Spice Cake$21.95
Protein Ice Kreem Mix - Vanilla$52.95
Protein Ice Kreem Mix - Chocolate$52.95
Protein Ice Kreem Mix - Strawberry$52.95
Protein Ice Kreem Mix - Peach$52.95
Protein Ice Kreem Mix - Coffee$52.95
High Fiber Chocolate Syrup Mix$21.95
Contest Brownie Mix - Chocolate Flavor$34.95
Contest Cookie Mix - Plain Shortbread$26.50
Contest Cookie Mix - Butter Flavor Shortbread$26.50
Contest Cookie Mix - Lemon Flavor Shortbread$26.50
Brownie Mixing Utensils$5.00
Contest Cookie Mix - Chocolate Shortbread$26.50

Advanced Lipotropic Formula$30.00
Enhanced GH Formula$38.00
Essential Vitamin Formula$18.00
Evening Primrose Oil 1000$24.95
Joint Formula$19.95
Fish Oil DHA 800 EPA 200$16.95
Liver Amino Formula$42.00
Max Endurance Formula$32.00
Mineral Electrolyte Formula$14.00
Muscle Amino Formula$34.00
Ultimate Amino Formula$36.00
Natural Vitamin E Plus$8.95


Certification Programs
Certification Plus Program$399.00

Parrillo BodyStat Kit$39.95
CapTri Cookbook$9.95
Nutrition and Training Manual$94.95
Parrillo Nutrition Manual$49.95
Parrillo Performance Press (Can/Mex)$29.95
Parrillo Performance Press (Foreign)$49.95
Parrillo Performance Press (USA)$29.95
Performance Package$79.95
Replacement Body Stat Sheets$1.20
Replacement Diet Trac Sheets$8.95
Parrillo Sports Nutrition Guide (PDF on disc)$24.95
Parrillo Sports Nutrition Guide (Hard-copy manual)$34.95
Total Performance Package$129.95
Parrillo Training Manual$49.95


Black Nylon Small Belt$32.00
Blue X-Large Powerlifting Belt$54.95
Leather X-Small Training Belt$26.00
Leather Small Training Belt$26.00
Leather Large Training Belt$26.00
Leather X-Large Training Belt$26.00

Unisex Parrillo T-Shirt - M$15.00
Unisex Parrillo T-Shirt - L$15.00
Unisex Parrillo T-Shirt - XL$15.00
Unisex Parrillo T-Shirt - 2XL$18.00
Unisex Parrillo T-Shirt - 3XL$18.00
Womens Parrillo T-Shirt - S$18.00
Womens Parrillo T-Shirt - M$18.00
Womens Parrillo T-Shirt - L$18.00
Womens Parrillo T-Shirt - XL$18.00

White Leather X-Large Gloves$16.00

Deadlift (Black)$7.00
Deadlift (Natural)$7.00
Knee (White)$17.99
Wrist Wraps (White)$17.99

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